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Although they have been around for many decades, many people still don’t know what to expect from a Hayward Locksmith. This predicament may be blamed on their lack of knowledge, ever-changing market requirements, and also the trade becoming more diversified. Knowing the type of services offered by a locksmith may appear mundane to some people. However, it ensures that you not only save on time but also effort and money. Generally, the services offered by a locksmith can be classified as follows:



A residential or domestic locksmith Hayward is charged with carrying out lock and key services related to the home. The services may be general or specific. Common services include installation of new locks, repairing faulty locks and keys, re-keying, service and maintenance and much more. The service may be provided by a professional who specializes in the residential sector or a general locksmith. Besides the lock and key service, a locksmith also offers advisory as well as follow-up service to ascertain whether the locks and keys are still functioning in the right manner.


Automotive Locksmith Services

As the name implies, a car locksmith Hayward specifically targets motor vehicles. He may come as a car lock specialist or may also be offering other non-car related services. The services provided include car lock-out, key replacement, repair of transponder keys, installation of new locks, service and repair, and much more. The lock expert will provide the service as a mobile locksmith hence will visit the scene of the incident to assist a stranded driver in case of accidentally locking the keys inside the car.


• Lock change Hayward
• Lock rekey service Hayward
• Lock replacement & installation
• Auto Lockout Service
• High security keys
• Lockout Service Hayward
• Car Lockout Service
Auto Locksmith Hayward
Car Locksmith Hayward
• Car Keys Hayward
• Auto Opening Hayward


Commercial Locksmith

Locksmith service may also be offered as a commercial service. This targets commercial buildings and industries. The service may be similar to residential service only that it is offered on a larger scale. However, in most cases it will be more advanced or sophisticated. Besides installing, repairing and servicing locks and keys, the locksmith will also provide security related services such as alarm systems, CCTV services and more. This improves the overall security in a premise.


Emergency Locksmith

Emergency service is offered when an unexpected occurrence takes place. For instance; accidentally locking the cars inside the car, car or house break-in, the transponder keys failing to respond, or if there is suspicion of attempted entry or unauthorized entry. The goal of the service is always to respond to an incidence in the shortest time possible. The residential and auto Locksmith Hayward achieve this by having a mobile team as well as a fully equipped motor vehicle to carryout repairs or installation on site.

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A closer look into today’s environment reveals that cases of insecurity are on the rise. Hardly a day passes without hearing about a house burglary, a car break-in or attempted robbery. The only way to make sure you, your family, staff members and property are safe is through installing top notch locking devices. You have the option of choosing ordinary items such as sturdy keys, locks and padlocks or going for high-tech locking mechanisms. Whichever your choice is always ensure you engage a Hayward Locksmith who is qualified, certified and credible.